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Welcome! SinceritySeekerS is a premier Thai dating site for people looking to find a dating partner, Thai bride, or a friend from the Land of smiles. Thailand dating is becoming increasingly popular with more and more people coming down to Thailand to try and find a dating partner for them.
Why you should choose SinceritySeekerS?
- Interact with a 100,000 members.
- Chat with live members.
- Send personalized messages.
- Create your own profile and browse those of others.
- Upload your photos.
...and much more.
Strategies for dating online.
  1. Hit and miss (pun intended).
  2. A date a week
  3. Wait for a person to hail you
  4. Just for the kicks
Got dropped on your first date? Probably the way you looked

If there is anything common throughout all the cultures of the world then it is probably the importance given to appearance. However how people choose to present themselves is often just as diverse and complicated. Appearance and dressing sense conveys a person’s beliefs, values and social standing in effect telling what a person really is. Sadly this really important aspect is really ignored; sometimes to startling degrees.

Success Story
testimonial Matt and Ploy
          Hi Sincerityseekers! Thanks for providing such a wonderful service. We both met in 2007 and could not keep away from each other since! At first I thought that Ploy was just attractive, but when I met her I saw that she was even more beautiful as a person. We are both now living together and plan to marry in 2009.
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